Mission Statement

TMH Behavioral Services is committed to helping others overcome obstacles in their lives by transformation through the mind, body and soul. We are a team of Licensed Clinical Social Workers and Licensed Marriage and Family Therapists. We specialize in children and adolescents, adult psychotherapy, marriage and family, and senior care. Our approach is finding solutions through strengths- based psychotherapy. Our overall clinical experience includes working with individuals in community settings, child welfare, schools, supportive living facilities and private practice settings. We all benefit when individuals develop an increased sense of self. Our direct and challenging, yet compassionate and considerate approach helps foster change and allow one to reach their highest potential.


Tytannie Harris, LCSW

Lead Therapist

Tytannie M. Harris, Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Speaker, Author and Certified Balance Living Coach is making a difference with her self-determination to help push for more awareness towards mental wellness.

Tytannie M. Harris started her professional career 7 years ago in the Mental Health field as a Psychotherapist. Prior to this transition, Ms. Harris was an educator where her passion for the welfare of children and their academic growth was her greatest fulfillment. Ms. Harris graduated from Northeastern Illinois University with her undergraduate’s degree in Social Work with a minor in Sociology. Ms. Harris later received her master’s degree in social work from Loyola University.

Currently, Ms. Harris is the CEO of TMH Behavioral Services, P.C. a group private practice in Chicago, IL. In addition, as a Certified Balance Living Coach, Ms. Harris utilizes her greatest gifts of inspiring and motivating others toward the attainment of personal, emotional, wellness, financial, relationship and professional goals.

Ms. Harris's greatest joys are co-parenting her nephews, caring for her grandmother of whom she adores and mentoring young women.